The Film

‘When you become a ranger you know that you are not going to be a rich person, you are poorly paid, harshly treated only few people respect you for the job that you are doing’ (Benson, Ranger). This is a story about the heroes on the frontline of wildlife conservation across Africa, at a time when the odds are stacked heavily against them.

The story is tied together by a truly life-changing adventure. Over the course of five months, four 23-year olds cycled from Johannesburg to Nairobi, more than 5000 miles, from Johannesburg to Nairobi. We carried 50kgs of equipment each, through epic terrain and unbearable heat, overcoming sickness and injuries. Through every pedal of the way our audience will experience the physical and mental strain. But it will also be enriched by the stories of the people we met along the way.

Our journey takes the audience via 8 national parks, connecting their images of the natural world with the inspiring stories of the ‘humans of conservation’. 

We have a 5 hour assembly and are looking for a way to broadcast this story to as many people as possible. 

Filming Locations

1. Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, Balulue Nature Reserve, South Africa

2. Painted Dog Conservation, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe 

3. African Parks, Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia

5. South Luangwa National Park, DNPW, Zambia

6. Akagera National Park, African Parks, Rwanda

7. Conservation Through Public Health, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

8. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya