An Introduction

What is an “anti-poaching ranger”?

These are the men, and increasingly women, on the frontline of protecting Africa’s wildlife. This involves skilled tracking, perseverance through thick bush and long hours spent amongst some of the most dangerous animals in the world (elephant, lion, buffalo etc). It is tough, dangerous and thankless work.

The catalyst for supporting rangers were the hard facts. Firstly, its very possible that we’ll see the extinction of elephant and rhino within a mere two decades because of poaching. Secondly, two rangers die a week worldwide trying to protect our planets’ giants.

Our project was formed as a reaction to this and aims to raise awareness and funds for anti-poaching rangers across Africa. We’re doing this by supporting For Rangers, an organisation dedicated to improving ranger welfare. We’ll also be making a documentary on route about these individuals who risk their lives every day to protect Africa’s wildlife.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date throughout the trip, sharing stories of our progress and painting a picture for you of those who risk their lives every day on the frontline of Africa’s war with poaching.

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